shibeHey guys, I’m not dead, but things have been slow. Fucking around with Parsers didnt really give me much to show off, and with Gedan busy in the backside of, we haven’t had her piling in new, exciting stuff for you guys to do.

In addition, my fiancee hurt herself at work a while back and got a month-ish off for physical therapy. As you all can imagine, I snagged a flight up to the great white north to spend a week with her. I’m up there right now, actually.

I still managed to write 1,300 words yesterday. I think if I can get time today, I’ll do some more work on parser stuff and try to get a build out in the next day or two.

Also, Gedan’s work on the blog’s backside is nearing fruition. Word is we can do automatic integration with Patreon or Old Offbeatr pledges here in the future, assuming everything works fine.

…now I have 100+ email chains to read and answer.