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Not sure when I’ll be able to drop it. I’ve been chipping away at Sylvie and her pre-drunk interactions, filling in little stories she can tell the PC while they’re hanging out at the bar… and 3,000 words later I still have three more to do… and then the variants for them where she’s buzzed. Wsan tackled a sex scene already, because I’m a boss, but I won’t be going back and tweaking into those until I have all the setup worked out.

Sylvie progress:

[*] Room Description Texts
[*] First Time Meeting for Sober/Buzzed/Drunk Sylvie.
[  ] Repeat Approach texts
[*] “Chill” Intro
[x] Sober Stories (Mostly done anyway)
[  ] Buy Drink Intro
[  ] Buzzed Stories
[  ] Buzzed Hug
[  ] Drunk Hug
[x] Sexy Times (Taur dickings done)

Repeat Approaches should be small, 1-2 paragraph affairs. Same for the drink buying introduction. The hugs shouldn’t be too big either, but the buzzed stories could easily eat another entire writing day. Tomorrow I’ll probably try to grab another small submission to see if I can wrangle it into the game to give you backers something nice to chew on.