Some scenes for Lumia’s chosen folk this week — both the fertile orcs you know and love and a radiant new friend who’ll soon lead you to her goddess’s keep.

0.5.20 Patch Notes:

  • After doing GweyrQuest (all 3 parts) and Calise’s first quest, Sanders will give you a quest to go check in on the Valkyries of the Glacial Rift. Head up there and pick a fight to meet a valkyrie in the flesh! (by Alypia)
  • Infrith needs milking if she’s far along in her pregnancy. Hretha will as well if she’s similarly gravid. (by Gardeford)
  • Arona has a pair of small new scenes that proc if either you or she is low on HP when you interact with her; the scene for her being low-HP is for SubArona only and the one for the PC being low is for lover!Arona only (Go take a bath with her in Khor’minos if you haven’t yet!).
  • New Bust: Annika the Valkyrie (Lionpaws), Ice Trolls (by Moira)
  • New CG: Annika’s introduction (by Aeryn)

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