Hey guys, just wanted to touch base. I’m still working on the boss fight for Kiro’s recruitment quest. I won’t spoiler her here (I’ve done in plenty in the Tainted Space discord channel already). Her bad end is ready, and I just finished the fourth victory scene for defeating her. Still remaining are her actual combat routines, and then I get to dive into the actual texts for rescuing Kiro from her clutches.

I’d also like to add some kind of erotic puzzle segment at some point. I’ll let you know if I can figure one out. (Beyond the lovely one Wsan already compiled.)

Lighterfluid’s been working on coding B’s Eitan, the War Alpha from the invasion of Korg’ii Hold. I’ll probably have to add a cheat code for insta-recruiting him down the road since he’s ~120 pages of content to gate behind one victory path from one side quest deep in the bowels of a frozen hellhole.

I want to start chunking things into code next week, which means you all can hopefully expect an opportunity to test some WIP builds.