The valley between her tits anyway.

Welcome to a new zone — the Frostwood, a frigid northern forest beyond the Alraune’s garden. Within it, you’ll already find the witch Lady Evergreen, as well as a new combat encounter. Please note! Evergreen’s content is largely placeholdered or non-functional, but there are some sex scenes for you to help get to know her before I can get around to finishing her off after I deal with the next dungeon coming up~

0.2.16 Patch Notes:

  • A new region of the world, the Frostwood, has opened up beyond the Alraune’s garden.
  • New NPC: Lady Evergreen, a tanuki witch who loves nothing more than knocking you up or being knocked up!
  • A new quest, given by Evergreen, which allows you to unlock the Waystone Idols across Savarra and start fast-traveling.
  • New PC Pregnancy: Tanuki!
  • New Enemy Encounter: Kurako, a vexing vixen by William! Has a bust by Moira as well!
  • Quest Update: Cat Call, one step closer to Cait’s first expansion. Bring the kitty to Evergreen, and maybe let the witch fuck her insensate if that’s your thing.
  • The Sleepy Snake has been moved into the Frostwood.

Art of Kiro “Lady Evergreen” Tamahime by Nazuu. Just, uh, pretend it’s a dog dong she’s packing there :p

As always, you can get access to backer patches here.