It’s now 1:11 AM. Do you know where your Fenoxo is?

Last I heard, he just finished writing out a Kiro & Mitzi threesome he’s meant to write for absolutely ages (which also feature completes “normal” Kiro crew). Then he eyeballed some WIP idea-farming for cybernetics that will become available on Dhaal. He also lost a pretty sizable chunk of hours paging through all of his various payouts to see who he needed to file a 1099 Misc for 2020 (as well as other forms for foreign folks)… and by that I mean I lost most of the fucking day. Some of the poor suckers in our devchat had to deal with me trying to connect the dots on a few artists for hours. Fortunately, nearly every tangle has been dealt with.

What’s on the agenda next? Wsan has done a lot of writing for a milk-bar on Dhaal that needs some eyes on it to make sure everything is going to mesh nicely. QuestyRobo wrote an enemy pair intended for Kiro’s recruitment quest that’ll need reviewed and coded. Doots has a gabilani mob in need of reviewing and some edit work. And of course, I still need to write a whole other Kiro variation.

I’ll see you guys tomorrow (oh shit no, it’s today)!