Had this idea and tossed it out during D&D. Gonna be backers-only since it’s basically just a little nothing change and it’d be unfair to them to give away half the month’s content at this point. Upside: it should automatically go off around this time next year, though we might need to adjust the dates since Easter’s numeric date tends to vary.

0.7.40 Changelog:

  • Added a “rare drops” system for giving any enemy the potential to drop things rarely.
  • Added the ability for almost any enemy to drop any of the existing eggs in game. Yay, Easter! The event should go for another day or two.
  • Syri can be hugged or kissed, depending on time of day.
  • Kiro will sometimes leave her comms device sitting out at Kally’s allowing you to send a set of Dick Pics to Kally (for more points toward unlocking the threesome).
  • Various tweaks and improvements.