… out of your womb, that is. Because Lupine pregnancy is now enabled!

0.1.23 Patch Notes:

  • The PC can now be knocked up by Garret and the Lupine Scout. Garret has special reactions to being a daddy. (By The Observer)
  • Kinu has a new scene (also by Observer).
  • Shar has a new story, and her Appearance screen is active.
  • Evelyn’s crippling parser issues have been resolved. Enjoy at your leisure.
  • Blue Egg + Sweet Cream now stops lactation properly.

What’s next? Drake’s working on implementing OrcQuest, and DCL is hopefully going to have most if not all the busts for the quest done ahead of its release. On the side here is Arona’s big sister, the tribe’s seeress and a cleric of Lumia.

For my part, I’m working on some new Etheryn scenes now that I’ve got Shar in a good place. Let the little elf get a real taste of your dick!

As always, you can get backer access here.