Power… unlimited POWER! Specifically, ultimate class and companion abilities and the start of the end-of-year combat rebalance.

Sav Note: Like half of us can’t download/play anything off the blog right now and half of us can. YMMV if you can actually PLAY this yet. Will inevitably resolve itself tomorrow if not. :/
(Also there’s a new TITS Public Patch right below this post!)

0.2.28 Patch Notes:

  • The level cap has been raised to 5!
  • All classes and companions now have 5th level perks as well as Ultimate abilities — inescapable powers so mighty that they can only be used once before you must rest!
  • Critical Hits now gain scaling damage based on Cunning, and the base damage increase from Critical Hits has been increased across the board. Remember that wielding a shield makes you immune to critical hits~
  • Evergreen now has MANY new scenes, courtesy of William and TheObserver. Like, a lot.
  • Evergreen also has dialogue, and her pregnancy can be advanced to completion (+pregnant Evergreen bust).
  • Pupperidge Farms has a new expansion with additional scenes and milking content. (by SomeKindofWizard)

Something was fucky in our back-end so I can only hope the new content works; I couldn’t test it myself. Next patch should include a chunky new dungeon, and there’s some more Pupperidge content and more combat revamping coming up too!

Right now, I’m working on a small side dungeon to cleanse the old pallet before we start into The Winter City in earnest next year. Also, reviewing tail-cunt scene submissions. Thanks to everyone that submitted!

As always, you can get backer access here for this patch!