It’s time to make some cute little noodles 😀

0.6.8 Patch Notes:

  • The Sleepy Snake, Vatia, can now move into the Wayfort and have your children! This is gated behind some story progress, so be forewarned. You need:
    • To have gotten cozy with Vatia in her tree so she comes and finds you in your camp
    • To have had the [Magic?] conversation with Vatia in your camp
    • To own the Wayfort
    • To have been to Khor’minos city (NOT the Outskirts)

    Quite a task, but I promise the rewards are worth it! Her Wayfort content includes:

    • All of her prior camp scenes, modified where applicable to account for pregnancy.
    • An additional bonus sex scene involving a unique use of a certain well-known spell (requires having a dick).
    • The all-new pregnancy content. Includes a very cute CG!
    • Your snakelets! They’re here, and they’re wiggly. You can take them out for a walk if you want and run into a couple of particular elves if they’re at your Wayfort at the time.
    • Additional post-pregnancy tile events for Vatia and the snaklets.

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