I hope you’re ready for a Mootober because this patch is all Brint/enne all the way down. Meanwhile, the writers are all piling onto doing a ghost-elf themed dungeon for Halloween. Hopefully we’ll have it ready in time. Moira’s already started on the bust art and it is luuuuush~. But, it means the public patch this month will probably be somewhat delayed so we can get that out for everyone to enjoy. Hope that’s a fair trade!

Also TiTS just released a story patch! Check it out!

0.3.17 Patch Notes:

  • An ancient tower has surfaced in the northern reaches of the Glacial Rift. Take Brint (NOT BRIENNE) there to face a spooky challenge, and acquire a new set focused on tanking and ice magic!
    • Entropic Winds now leaves enemies Frigid instead of Staggered, and has lower cooldown.
    • Brienne will get another set later, we promise.
  • Two new Brienne sex scenes, one new Brint sex scene. (By Wsan)
  • You can go give the Minotaur Border Guards a blowjob. Has bonus text if you bring Cait, because of course it does. (Written by Fenoxo, the man, the legend!)
  • Tweaked change to Brint’s talk about Cait.

Balance feedback welcome to Brint’s new set. Definitely try it out OUTSIDE the Rift — surprisingly, Ice Knight cow doesn’t excel against people that live on a glacier.

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Brint fanart by Ralf!

Bullifrawg in discord drew these lovely chibis of the Crash Landing characters, and I ADORE them.

There was a surprising lack of bug reports related to the party to tear through, which means despite the incredibly hacky back-end driving the event, it works like a charm. I went ahead and cleaned up most of the reports, added the reward items to the party, and set up the aforementioned cheat code.

I’ll be back in the Feruze hole for a bit after this. A public patch will likely come soon.

0.8.112 Changelog:

  • New cheat code: ‘party’. This will force-start the Dhaal party event. Be aware that the event will place you on Dhaal at its end. Using this cheat on other planets is not advised.
  • New CEO reward items added. These are level 12, very rare items, some of which have unique strengths. You’ll need to earn a CEO’s favor to get one though…
  • Gena138 kindly fixed a bug with the Crash Landing that could cause it to seem discovered even on saves that hadn’t discovered it yet.
  • Dhaal’s encounter proccing step-counter now resets on game load, like most others. No more instant enemy attacks when you start the game!
  • Fixed some room description typos.
  • You can no longer use TFs to make your Combat Tail somehow grow a biological genital. However that does make me think that adding an option to slot a bionahole into it would be cool, even if I might have to make it a one-way, destructive process because of how items are handled in the code…
  • Fixed a Dhaal brothel crash that could occur for characters with three or more penises.
  • The Classy Suit now counts as appropriate party wear.
  • Some fixed courtesy of Jacques00 that address potential mismatches of hidden character stats that could occur.

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