Well, driders anyway. Definitely one of my favorite designs in the game right now. Those tits tho, holy shit.

Also TiTS had a backer patch one post down!

0.2.19 Patch Notes:

  • New Enemy: the Drider Queen, located in the Frostwood. (By BubbleLord)
  • New PC Pregnancy: Drider Eggs! (Also by Bubbles)
  • A new dream by Questy! Requires you to have fucked Kas and tell Cait about it (talk was not tracked until now; assumption is yes on old saves). Coded by new friend Leykoss.
  • New busts: Zuzaan and the Drider Queen.

As always you can grab backer access here! Public patch will be in ~about a week.

Meanwhile, we’re wrapping up on the Hornet Dungeon. Bubble and I have a little left to write and then it’s off to the coders. Should be a pretty meaty chunk of content, especially if you like bimbo stuff and eggs.