And now for a bunch of pretty ponies in need of some helping hands…

Edit: Hotfix released for TFs crashing the game. Redownload if you’re having the issue!

0.4.11 Patch Notes:

  • A group of centaurs can now be found plying their trade in the Outskirts. Poor girls gotta make some coin somehow in these trying times, and they’re all outta rustic handicrafts… (Written by Wsan)
  • Ambra, a catgirl merchant, has also been added to the Outskirts. (Written by Tobs)
  • A nearby Lupine merchant named Nash has a bunch of twisted transformation items to sell, with more planned for following patches! (Also by Wsan)
  • New busts for half the centaurs, by Moira. Rest should be done next patch!

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