You can now bind yourself in service to the goddess of the sun, becoming one of her valkyries! There’s some new Valkyrie combat training and soulbind-exclusive powers coming courtesy of Aly that didn’t quite make it for this patch, but for now, enjoy the changed reactions from your new sisters — or if that’s not your thing, go give Ahmri a date-night creampie.

0.5.31 Patch Notes:

  • Ladies (and those who don’t mind becoming one) can now bind their soul to Lumia after completing her quest and become a valkyrie. Remember that this comes with all the same caveats as the Kitsune soulbind: one binding per playthrough, some permanent TFs, reactions both good and bad from different NPCs. (By Gardeford)
  • You can take Ahmri out on a fishing trip, and if you’re married, enjoy some date-night sex scenes.
  • You also can do another cooking-focused date with her! (By Gardeford)
  • Leofric donkey-punching you has been reworked a little. (By Wsan & Bubble)
  • Wings are their own TF category now, with a new reagent to target them. If you notice any wonkiness caused by this, please bug report them!
  • Bugfixes for Annika.
  • New Art: Ahmri date CG by Akira. Also a new Lumia UI token for her valkyries.

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