Patch 6.9 only comes around once, sooooo….

0.6.9 Patch Notes:

  • Zhara has a new 69 scene (Wayfort Only)
  • Lumia has a new 69 scene (by Gardeford)
  • Nikol has a new 69 scene (by B!)
  • Aileh has a new 69 scene (by Skow)
  • The Pupperidge girls, Anna & Morwen, have a new 69 scene (by Skow)
  • Ahmri can be impregnated! (By Gardeford)
  • She will go into heat one day out of every week when you are married and she is not currently pregnant. Even if you don’t have a dick or are sterile, you’ll still be able to help her through this rough patch.
  • While pregnant, her scenes will subtly change to be more safe for the baby. Most of these changes are not major, but add up and might be noticeable in some places. Some of the more noticeable changes include new options for the chain of kiss scenes, and a swimming scene to revisit (or visit for the first time) the chilly mountain cave from her party destressing session.
  • Ahmri’s first baby will be unique. Garde suggests making a save to try out a few names, like “big zooba” or a swear word.
  • The unique kiddo has repeatable meetings/hangouts for each companion(Garde recommends silly mode for Azzy’s) in addition to solo/Ahmri bonding time, as well as a number of one time events that are spaced to roughly a week between them.
  • Every couple of days, Genova will be looking after your kiddo so that you and Ahmri can have some alone time without needing to worry about whether he’s napping.


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