Half of this patch is very sweet and romantic. The other half involves people being absolutely destroyed by giant dicks. Pretty much sums up the entire game, don’t it?

0.2.4 Patch Notes:

  • There’s a new combat encounter found in Hawkestone Castle — just keep going up the trail from the temple from the tutorial and check around the castle courtyard. Also your first chance to meet Baroness Carmen Revarra, a rather important future NPC. (By Gardeford)
  • Etheryn has three new sex scenes (including an oral scene by William) as well as an option to give her what she really deserves — some nice hugs and cuddles.
  • Berwyn also has a new cuddles scene. (By HugsAlright) (Coded by sniperwolfortiz)
  • New Codex: Wyld Elves
  • New Busts: Gnolls, Manticore Girl, Lupine Scout, and the Lupine Warrior.

Commission from Runingman of his OC Liara giving Etheryn what she deserves, done by Menasor.

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