It would be a shame to have a priestess of the fertility goddess, and a beautiful motherly elf at that, go without a chance to prove her devotion with her body. I’d definitely consider this one of the big highlights of our Mayternity push this year, clocking in at well over 100 pages of content!

Oh, and for mobile users: if you’re having trouble getting the game to load — update Android Webview and/or Chrome. That seems to fix things.

0.3.46 Patch Notes:

  • After taking the Wayfort (for Etheryn or for yourself) and having fucked Elthara (and also reaching Level 6), Elthara will start coming down to spend 3 days out of every 2 weeks at your fort. While she’s there, you’ll have the opportunity to breed this priestess of fertility~ (Written by Wsan)
  • You can now get pregnant from Crazy Horses (Written by Balak)
  • New TF: Ursus Bulbs, turning you into a monstergirl bear (Written by Jayo)

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