Apparently we decided to move Mayternity up to April cuz this patch is just more preg — this time with Berry pups and getting Cait’s poor ass stuffed with eggs!

0.2.43 Patch Notes:

  • Berwyn can now knock the PC up! Need to be his sub first to get his breeding instincts going. Enjoy your pups! (By HugsAlright)
  • If you lose to the Drider Queen or Hornet Bimbos, there’s a chance Cait can get herself egged up. Oh no! (By BuggleBord & Myself)
  • A pair of new half-leothran babes can be found in Vari’s village, always up for some fun. (By SomeKindofWizard, coded by Leykoss)
  • There’s a new shop UI for buying reagents.
  • The Drider has gotten a nerf to her combat performance.

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Some (very non-canon) art of Berry paying Gwyn back for taking care of the pups, by Chatai.