Dropping a quick patch with a bunch of under-the-hood work for Etheryn’s upcoming dungeon (very soon!), but we’ve also got some new Atugia bling in the form of a damage-dealing berserker set. And hopefully she’ll be a little less overwhelming for brand new Champions just walking out of the inn with Cait!

0.5.36 Patch Notes:

  • In preparation for RynQuest dropping soon, Etheryn’s sex scenes have been recoded with updated mechanics. Her scenes are no longer locked out if your dick is too big. Her Chastity perk and her passive Blueballing has been touched up a bit, and she can gain a perk called Buttslut if you sodomize her often enough (you need to accumulate 10 Buttslut points, which various scenes provide; she loses 1 every 3 days unless she has the perk). It changes some of her sex scene text but is otherwise harmless.
  • Atugia’s recruitment has been tweaked again. She now approaches you on day 5 instead of 3 if you haven’t met her already at the castle, and her castle recruitment it no longer requires boning her or grinding RNG. You can also bring her as a guest to LumiaQuest if not recruited. (Coded by Squishy, written by Garde)
  • Atugia has a new set: the berserker. Requires that you’ve visited the orc village.
  • Atugia has been nerfed when you fight her in Castle Hawkstone before recruiting her.
  • Cait’s menus have been made a bit more consistent with other NPC menus.
  • Bust display and name display has been updated for parts of the tutorial.
  • Mai’s non-sexual [Cleanse] option is now actually accessible.
  • Bloodrage said it did 50 base damage when it really did 30. Now it says it does 40 base damage and it actually does 40.
  • Dischord no longer auto-hits.
  • Aria of Waves power description properly shows spellpower scalings
  • Tetsuya has a new CG for when he sends you his first letter.

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