Okay it’s time for a brief break from Mayternity to fite guder. You can now reach Level 4, and learn 4th level powers. Enjoy obliterating most things currently in-game, especially if you choose some of the new damage powers.

0.1.21 Patch Notes:

  • Level 4 is now unlocked, along with a new tier of powers. They are vastly stronger than existing powers, so prepare to overwhelm everything currently in-game.
  • Most existing powers have had their tooltips condensed. Several have had their effects reworked and rebalanced. Stances now all have small on-activate effects, like minor damage-dealing or providing a shield.
  • Shield HP is a unified mechanic now, including a glowing health bar covering your normal bar.
  • Salamander TF has been added to Ivris’s shop (written by SoAndSo).
  • Kiyoko has a new seasonal event for Mayternity.
  • Many new dreams have been added, thanks to Balak’s efforts.

If you, too, want to blast orcs in the face with fireballs or massive two-handed blows, you can get access to backer builds here!