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If you’re seeing this, then you’re viewing the blog on the new server. There’s probably still some flakey and/or broken shit around that I’ll need to fix tomorrow. Nothing is probably sending out emails for a start, so don’t expect password loss/password resets/new user reg to work right now.

Also I used this as an opportunity to fuck IPB off finally. The forums have been moved over to XenForo, but I’ve not had a chance to do much of anything past “make it installed” thus far.

rip me


Slam jammin’ some more hotfixesheadshot2

  • Edan should no longer potentially skip portions of his scene progression.
  • Various fixes from Jacques.
  • Some minor cosmetic fixes to Nursery things.


The nursery is kind of in right now. I say that in so far as it exists, but I haven’t had the opportunity to polish it and test it properly; one of the big features for it was to enable the ability to “skip” to the end of a pregnancy without having to keep spamming rest or sleep. Unfortunately a lot of the general time passage code wasn’t really written to handle passing more than a couple of hours of game time at once, so guess what I’m busy doing!

— Your friendly, cleaned up, neighborhood spess dragon, again courtesy of JayEcho


Reminder that pubby build is due around October 6th.

0.6.84 Changelog:

  • Siegwulfe should no longer blow up your save file when you try to load.
  • Some of the initial child data tracking for the nursery should also no longer blow up your save file when you try to load.
  • Various fixes and extensions by Jacques.

– Your friendly neighbourhood spess pirate, care of JayEcho.

Patreon Integration

I just made some updates to the Patreon integration process to catch a few oversights in the account state information. If any Patreon backers have lost access to the backer portions of the site, get in touch with us so we can investigate. I’m fairly certain there should be nobody that got caught by the change that shouldn’t have, but hey, mistakes happen :V

Poll Over~

The first poll using the new system is over; congratulations everybody who voted, you just won yourself a dragondong’d dragontaur as the third rescue agent for Uveto. The idea for her is already roughed out, so I’ll get some stuff coded from out of the backlog and then write her too!

Also, the next poll is up- this one should give us a good indication of what you guys consider the most important out of all of the major systems we’ve still got to add, and hence, which ones we should focus on sooner rather than later. You can vote on multiple options, just not all of the options, so throw down whatever it is you prefer and we’ll see what happens.

Backer-Builds Page Updated

I’ve just got done adding some more stuff to the backer build page. Expect some tweaking to happen over the next day or so once we figure out everything on our end, but the Save Editor should now be available on there for Offbeatr backers that previously had access to it.

We’re also trying out something a little extra too. We’ve been using a build server to better reproduce game builds and do all the packaging and such automatically. As a benefit of that, we get a build every time we make changes… so we’ve decided to make those available too. Only pretty high-tier Offbeatr backers will have access to it now whilst we figure out how to dish out access to it, as well as make a few other changes so that the builds properly identify themselves for sake of bug reporting clarity.

Also I finished writing and coding a subby, chubby bearman for the bar in Uveto. I’ve been told it’s rather gayyyy~

Also, if you like things that are cool and good you should go check out this other thing I’ve been working on; NewRetroArcade: Neon. Peep dis vidja :V

Things and stuff and things

Some nerd just uploaded some files. Said something about CoC or something, idk.


Queek Feex – Tainted Space 0.6.39


Just jammed up 0.6.39 to try and fix some persistent issue; this should maybe fix the issues people were having creating new games or loading saves with a set caption() error.

Pictured: Probably not actually suitable for “Ages 4+”.


Turns out the stereotype that Britbongers have terrible teeth is absolute bollocks.

Source: My teeth aren’t erupting out of my gums at random angles, splintering into shards at the slightest provocation, or otherwise doing anything other than being firmly rooted right where they should be.


Also, yeah, should probably like, post an update or something now too….

Busy last few weeks, running around trying to sort out a lot of stuff all over the place. Z’s crystal goos should be handled by tonight/tomorrow, depending on how badly everything wants to explode when I come to testing all of the combat fully. After that, I think it might finally be time to start working on the the CoC update (cue spooky noises).

Oh, and I finally won at Steam.


TiTS 0.6.28 is up on the play page.

    • emot-sirenAndroid file loading should finally be fixed. emot-siren
    • Savin added a new scene for Shade. Yes, Savin. He coded it and everystuff.

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