I just finished going through the normal breast enlargement transformations and tweaking them to match the mentality of a Treated amazon where necessary. I’ve also gone through some various other transformations – some poached from the bull Treatment and some from the cow-girl and adjusted them accordingly. Here’s my breakdown at present. I’d like to start shucking some of this into code tomorrow (since I will be ditching town for a few days starting Friday).

Amazon Treatment Effects ([*] indicates text is finished):

  • [*] Mental transformation that emphasizes a domineering attitude in regards to sex alongside an enhanced libido.
  • [*] Breast growth to a larger minimum than standard cow-girl (but with a lower maximum).
  • [*] 50% chance of inducing lactation and giving the Treated Milk perk (though no buffs to Milk Capacity).
  • [*] Height & Muscle Tone gains.
  • [*] Grow vagina if none & vaginal elasticity boost.
  • [*] Low chance of creating a penis.
  • Moderate chance of transforming existing penis, ala the male transformation
  • Slight growth of existing penises.
  • Big ol’ Horns
  • Cow tail, ears, and hooves (somewhat randomized).
  • Amazonian Endurance perk (no energy lost from orgasm).
  • Slight facial feminization if masculine in facial appearance

Since it shares so much with many of the existing male and female transformations, I’m able to re-use a lot of text. Aside from the few new options still needing hashed out, this should go quick from this point forward.