Powerful arms sweep you up into their embrace. Onyx lips press to yours in a fiery kiss made all the warmer by the shower’s heat. As your eyes drift closed, you can see Azra’s do the same. Just like you, she’s revelling in the touches, delighting in the tender embrace. You grab hold of her back and pull her tighter, chest to chest{, one set of well-endowed tits to another}. Long moments pass as your tongues twist. Hers is long and nimble{, just like yours}, the better to coil against your probing muscle and snare it in its spit-slick grip.


When your lips part, you’re both gasping for breath, your bodies hot, your crotches aching with need. Azra opens her violet eyes, and gives you a soulful stare. Something wiggly and tingly brushes by your [pc.belly], again and again. Each time, you feel a little hotter{, a little wetter}{, a little harder}. Azra’s big, drippy suula cock is rubbing against you, the tendrils leaving a little extra venom behind each time. Her eyebrows crease in worry, but her blushing face radiates pure excitement. She looks at your crotch, then at you. A single question is all she asks: “How do you want to do this?”

Azra’s first time sexystuff is the current project on the table. Gotta pencil in a few options there, then work up stuff for the three different consumable plants you harvest on Tarkus.

That’s all for tonight!