Hey guys, no patch today. I just wanted to tease you a little bit – we’ve got Soak on the way! What’s Soak? It’s another transformative drug in the vein of Throbb, but for women. Skom’s been writing it for me, and I did a quick review of the WIP today. It’s phenomenal. There’s a few changes and adjustments I requested, but what’s there already is more than perfect for aficionados of sopping-wet cunts.

Nykke’s rework is also coming. DrunkZombie did a lot of work coding up this new version of the much-beloved scale-slut, and she’ll be included in the next patch.

Meanwhile, I have to redo all the rooms descriptions that make mention of the Sidewinder for its absence. …and then write a scene for Mitzi getting her soak.

I’ll keep you posted!