What up? Where we at?

Police officers come in all kinds of flavors in the distant future…

Development on the port to javascript-based (aka in-browser 2, the electric fuckaloo) is going well. The inventory backend is now functional and working. I can run around Tavros and buy things at Sera’s and check them out in my inventory. Saving and loading works. The map works. Leek has been crushing polishing up bugs so that you can actually run around Tavros without crashing. Gedan is now burrowing into ship nonsense so that you can actually fly to Mhenga (and actually walk around INSIDE your ships potentially).

I’ve been pestering Jacques00 to weld in the morphable outline for a PC character bust into the game – those who kept an eye on my twitter will remember seeing a preview of that forever ago, but with luck we’ll be wiring that morphable holographic outline hotness up to actual PC data values soon.

We’re to the point where we’re talking about how soon we can make the WIP build available to backers pretty frequently, and I think that’s going to be coming sooner than later, though I still can’t offer a date.

I am indeed a fan of babs.

What I can offer is the knowledge that William has been cranking up some great stuff for the brothel on Dhaal, and Savin has been writing Syri’s crew content with the improved parser helpfully donated (not stolen, I swear!) from CoC2 so that it can be implemented rapidly with the switch to javascript. Adjatha has been doing some writing on his own on top of a bunch of new busts. When the next flash patch hits, it’s going to come with some new busts hotter than surface of a lava-girl’s tiddies.

And speaking of busts – they’re functional in javascript now in a big way, and built in a way that should make it easy to let you guys pop out larger versions of the busts on demand without having to download a special, chonky new build, bandwidth permitting.

My sincere apologies that you have gone so long without a TiTS patch. Nevertheless, she comes…