Well, our old web host hurried us along by randomly imploding this morning. What you see now is the new server. It comes with a fatter pipe to more easily pump out all that thick, juicy content you’ve come to expect from us and our games. Of course, it’s not all positives. This surprising turn of events put a few kinks in our tentacles:

  • We didn’t get to make a last-minute backup of all the blog and forum data. That means a day got Thanos-snapped off the forums, and my last patch was caught in the corssfire.
  • Our git and backend pipeline for deploying new builds also got interrupted. It may be a little bit until the “Play” and “Backer Builds” headings are able to update with fresh patches as they used to.

In the meantime, I can still link you guys to the image-embedded version .swf for the bug fixes I did last night, if you have a stand-alone flash player to open it with.

Thank’s for bearing with us!