Huge chunk of Kitsune content coming your way again!

0.2.34 Patch Notes:

  • Kiyoko can now be freed from her orb, after dealing with the Kitsune Den one way or another. Expect plenty more to come in the following weeks from her and her clan! (By TheObserver). PLEASE NOTE: physical-world Kiyoko is pretty skeletal right now; you might want to hold off on doing this for a patch or two if you want to keep plowing your kitsune waifu 😛
  • You can now talk to Komari and Nakano in the Kitsune Den. (also by TheObserver)
  • Hashat now has consistent standards between her loss scenes and ask-for-it scenes.
  • New Busts: Cat Harem (Nude + New Clothed by Moira), Hashat (by ToonNik!), Adult Kinu in two versions, Cultist Reaver, Crazy Horse

Since Last Public Patch:

(Not that much honestly since it’s been the holidays and this time *I* was the one to get horribly sick. At least it was mostly on days I was taking off anyway. 🙁 )

  • You can re-enter the Kitsune Den and encounter Miko and Mai again, as well as a merchant named Kohaku!
  • Hornet Holiday event active all thru January
  • Holiday event with Quin.
  • New bust: Kohaku

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