If you’ve ever wanted to romance and potentially get knocked up by a handsome, charming fox-boy, today’s your day!

0.5.32 Patch Notes:

  • Tetsuya, a romantically-inclined bishonen foxboy, can now be encountered in the Kitsune Den. (Written by Jstar!)
  • You can visit his home upstairs in the den after you meet him and
    • He can tell you all about your current pregnancy, if you’re pregnant
    • You can chat him up
    • You can talk with him about the den’s other denizens (heh)
    • You can pursue a romance with him via a sequence of events, or just stay friends — you’ll need to interact with him a few times to trigger it. If you get stuck, try waiting 24 hours and sleeping. Make sure to pay attention after sleeping — there’re important instructions that trigger when you wake up.
    • If you pursue a romance with him, you can bone down
    • If you bone down, he can knock you up!
    • He has scenes for playing with and feeding your fox-baby after its born.
  • Annika can train Valkyrie PCs in new solar powers!
    • You can learn Sunstrike, an at-will weapon attack, or Aurora of Vigor, a new Ult.
  • Tetsuya has new busts + a romantic confession CG

New Since Last Public Patch:

  • Lady-Champions (and those who don’t mind becoming ladies) can sign up to be a Valkyrie after talking with all of Lumia’s divine servants and getting the low-down about her holy order
  • Eira, Lumia’s courier, has been added. Help deliver the mail from Lumia’s menu to meet her. She’s got a romance and pregnancy!
  • You can take Ahmri out on a fishing trip date and, if you’re married, enjoy some new date-night sex
  • You can have a cooking-focused date with Ahmri too
  • Wings are their own TF category now, with a new reagent to support them
  • The size of custom PC portraits has been increased to 500KB
  • You can now save in dungeons! You CANNOT save in the Astral Plane, the Ways Between, and during sequences in which you play as other characters than your Champion
  • If you bad-end in a dungeon, there’s now a [Retry Dungeon] button that will take you to your last pre-dungeon checkpoint so you can’t softlock yourself if you only keep one save. That said, save often and in different slots. You should also always Save to File every now and then if you play in browser, because browsers hate save data!
  • Leofric donkey-punching you has been reworked a little
  • Buncha bug fixes!
  • New Busts: Eria, Cassidy
  • New CGs: Ahmri Date

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