Time for a whole shitload of main plot advancement.

… Cuddling Kas is definitely advancing the main plot, right? Please be kind to other players and avoid posting spoilers for things!

0.4.10 Patch Notes:

  • You can now bump into Calise on the main street of the Khor’minoan outskirts. She’ll send you on the first part of the main story quest in the region (if you can pry your face out of her muff anyway).
  • If you’re on Kas’s Romance path, you can now access the demoness’s home any time after The Winter City. You’ll find it in the Ways Between, north of the Foothills (and her WC dialogue has been updated to reflect the changed design). Enjoy repeatable scenes with the Demon Queen — and there’s gonna be a LOT more to come in the palace when we’re not balls deep getting Khor’minos up and running. Note that you can also LOSE access to it if you fulfil certain criteria. Kitsune.
  • Bunch of bugfixes for companions and powers being all jacked up. Whoops!
  • New Busts: Livernus the Boatman (we’ll get his wang color fixed when the artist is feeling better) and demonic smugglers (by DCL); CaliseQuest’s devilish boss by AnonArts!

Read below the break for everything else new since the last public patch!

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New Since Last Public Patch:

  • You can now enter the Khor’minos Outskirts — at least part of them — and experience a bunch of new events therein.
  • GweyrQuest has its happy conclusion finally.
  • Ryn can now sleep with you at night.
  • After defeating the Undermountain kobolds a few times, you can get invited to an audience with their queen.
  • Lyla has a new expansion full of hot new futa femdomme.
  • Eryka can be dedicked. Can’t use her puss yet tho lol.
  • Sense now has a 100% success chance, and Companions get massively boosted Experience when lower level than you.
  • New TF: Lizardfolk! Expanded TF: Plantfolk
  • New Codex: Vulperine (unlocked by encountering Raphael in KinuQuest)
  • New Busts: Nottia and Marilla, a pair of Outskirts cowgirls; Casual Gweyr; many new Lyric busts.
  • New CG: Lyla leashplay, by AnonArts.