Grab bag of new scenes for Atugia and Eryka today, plus a port-over of some old Eve content for her new draconic form!

0.6.35 Patch Notes:

  • Edit: Hotfix is out to fix some bugs with Initiative. Thanks for the reports!
  • Atugia has a new scene where you can talk to her about getting herself a ghostlight strapon. (By Gardeford)
  • Atugia has a new scene for you riding her ghostlight.
  • Atugia has a new scene for you getting your head squished by those big thighs while you suck her ghostlight.
  • Evelyn’s Wine and Maid Outfit tribute scenes have been ported over to Dragon!Evelyn. (By Wsan)
  • Eryka has a new bodyworship scene. (By B!)
  • Eryka has a new pussyworship scene.
  • Eryka has a new scene for fucking the PC over a table.
  • We tweaked how Initiative works a little bit, so that it’s possible for characters with VERY high Initiative scores to break the normal you-go-I-go stagger of turn orders. Let us know if this makes encounters too hard or too easy!

Fan art of Eryka by Xtatoto.

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Since Last Public Patch:

  • After Kalysea has been gone for 10 days players will receive a notification alerting them to her return, upon which they can go to her house in the southern half of the Harvest Valley. You can recruit her (or perhaps the other way around?) as a new camp follower from there. Kalysea has everything you’d expect from a follower and a couple of things you maybe don’t.
  • Kalysea has a set of sex scenes for the camp which, if done in quick succession, offer additional content.
  • You can find out some more about her via talks…
  • A couple of “camping trips”, the first of them giving you additional content for her camp scenes and the second… well, you’ll know by the time you get there.
  • Overworld scenes! Kalysea is an extremely libidinous centauress, and she’s going to take care of her needs one way or another while you’re travelling. These can be toggled off/on in her camp menu.
  • Eubicha scenes! If you so choose, you can introduce your very large and submissive pack-centaur to Kalysea. They hit it off quite nicely, as it turns out. This also includes overworld scenes.
  • A few bonus scenes – blurbs in events, a little bit of integration with another NPC, tidbits around the world.
  • On an unrelated note, Eryka has a new titfuck scene!
  • Eryka has some more content for using her pussy after she’s been dedicked.
  • S&C’s disguises can be toggled at the Wayfort.
  • Kailani has a new sex scene: doggystyle! After fucking her pussy, you can go for the ass in repeat encounters!
  • You can finish Kailani’s quest by getting to know Inaya, the kit in her care.
  • You can make Sandre & Caera submit to you and shapeshift their dicks away once they’re at the Wayfort and you’ve fucked them both after winning a gamble. There’s a new talk scene with them, [Remove Cocks]. (Written by Fleep!)
  • The demon couple have a new repeatable sex scene each for the removal.
  • All of S&C’s sex scenes have been updated to reflect hiding their cocks.
  • The Blue Balled status has been renamed Pent Up to avoid confusion. (In silly mode, it may be labeled Submissive and Breedable!)
  • Heat and Rut now give Pent Up when you acquire those statuses.
  • New Busts: Demonic, Dicked, Dedicked and Human Disguised S&C; Rixx the Goblin Mage; Leticia the Manticore Milf. All by Moira!