Edit: There’s a hotfix out to handle a page worth of bug reports, including some crashes and softlocks. Thanks for reporting issues! Said fix also reduces the number of steps before you fail-forward in the dungeon for those of you having some trouble navigating it.

Alright, so that took a lot longer to code than we may have expected, but there’s a really tremendous amount of content packed into this patch — 120+ pages of smut alone, nevermind all the plot and dungeon.

So, this patch includes a new dungeon for Berwyn which neatly ties off his arc and brings him more or less to a feature complete state with not just a lot of new content, but a lot of changes to him.

You’ve probably already noticed that while Berwyn always had a dearth of content outside himself compared to most of the cast, your dogboy companion has gotten little to no new support in quests and events over the last year. Berwyn’s original writer left the community some time ago, and I brought B! onboard to finish his character arc off with the aplomb only a writer of his caliber can. However, I made the decision that it would be unfair to burden another writer with an extra companion. Rather, we’ll be transitioning him into a normal NPC. 

Asking B! to wrap up another writer’s biggest project is enough of a herculean task on its own — one which he stepped up to admirably, as you’ll soon see — but the decision to cut Berwyn’s Companion content was mine, and made from the beginning. As of this patch, Berwyn is no longer a companion. He is still around, and almost all of his old content is still accessible since he rarely interacted with things to begin with; you just can’t add him to your party anymore. This applies from the moment you beat Matiha in his first quest onwards.

The good news is, without having to worry about supporting him constantly on your adventures, this has given us the opportunity to really give Berwyn some incredible mutability; the kind that would be impossible to support long-term the way we do with Companion characters — Etheryn herself already stresses what we can and should do with a character you can bring with you. The art that comes with this post should give a clue as to what you can do with him (or not, if you like Berry just the way he is).

I know Berry has his fans, so for those of you who like the boi, I hope the quest and all the content it brings is a fitting consolation to not being able to bring him along on your adventures. There really is a ton of it. And for those of you not into big-dick femboys, the ending of this quest might just give you something to enjoy about Wynne too!

0.5.7 Patch Notes:

  • Berwyn can no longer be recruited into the party, though he’s not gone — he’ll be found in the Guests tab at the inn after you help him against Matiha the first time.
  • A week after completing the Winter City dungeon and Berry’s first quest, a mysterious ‘mander mage will approach you in the inn. Help her find Berwyn, and she’ll help you both find Matiha.
  • If you accept the ‘mander’s quest, you’ll be taken to a very unique dungeon that’s going to play some mind games with you! Read carefully…
  • When it’s all said and done, there are a frankly stupendous number of choices you’ll be making which substantially change a pair of characters’ content. Said characters also have a lot of new sex content — over 100 pages of just pure cheek clappin’, all courtesy of B!
  • Matiha has a scene with the Behemoth (by Tobs), too.
  • Berwyn has a whole assload of new busts by DCL (with edits from Moira). Matiha has new busts by Moira. The ‘manders on the quest have busts by AnonArts.
  • Drifa also has busts now! (By Moira)