0.6.64 is now open to the public. Go nuts! Me? I’m gonna go pass out. Enjoy your fourth of July, ‘Murrica. And everyone else? I guess you could read a book or something. <3

New Stuff Since Last Month:

  • “Freedom Bison” encounter enabled. You should be able to run into her on just about any planet in the hazardous areas. Once we’ve passed by the holiday, she’ll rarely appear in silly mode.
  • A new stationary event/item, the “Orgasmender” has been dumped on Uveto. The item and scene were a response to a custom Offbeatr scene request for healing tentacles, so here we are! The item will be moved to a future dungeon in the distant future.
  • New busts: Nova, Freedom Bison, Mhen’ga Dryad, Simone, Gene, Fazian, Nayna, and Astra
  • New Ceria Scene
  • Tlako is now encounterable on Uveto.
  • New Bad ends: New Texas Public Use For Taurs,
  • New Item: Omnisuit – temporarily available at Shekka’s. (Appears as a strange collar.)
  • New character on New Texas – Haley! You can find her in the barn.
  • New items: Frostfire, Foxfire, and Immunoboosters.

Not too bad considering we had our last public build on the 17th of last month.