I’ve been poking at a threesome between Kiro and Kally when I have time and motivation for PC’s with ‘nuki nuts (or just enormous balls) where the three of you go to a milking parlor all swollen. It’s about 3,700 words long and just now at the part where you get shown to the milkers, so who knows when it’ll be done.

I added an item yesterday called Breeder’s Bliss and paged through a bunch of submissions. Today I also poked at coding one of them, though it’s still not done (mostly because I wrote a lot today instead). Also, I owe Zeikfried a review of a submission of his, which I had forgotten during a burst of anxiety yesterday. Sorry Zeik. Gonna try to be more on the spot tomorrow.

Hopefully I’ll have a new patch for you guys as well. Ciao!