Hey folks! As you might know, CoC2 has a manticore TF, and part of that TF is getting a cunt-tail. Basically just like TiTS: it’s an extra pussy on a largely-prehensile tail. Sounds good, right?

Well, not so much.

The TF was implemented on March 8th. Since then, all of two scenes have been submitted for it (for Brint and for Cait; neither have been coded for reasons below). That’s not enough to really justify having the transformation available in the game, so… we’re gonna cut the cunt-tail as an obtainable TF unless some new scenes spring into existence. I’ve had an open bounty advertised among the established writers for some time now, but the only person to pick it up for one scene has been TheBiologist. Since the writers don’t seem interested, I’m opening it up to the public:

If you write a scene of the PC using their tail-pussy on somebody, you’ll make $25 per 1,000 words of game-acceptable content. Minimum of 1,000 words, maximum of 5,000 per scene. Any number of scenes can be submitted per person. Submissions must be for already-sexable NPCs and enemies — no writing new sex intros, starting new romances with the townsfolk, etc. Just stuff that can be slotted into an existing sex scene menu. Payment will be via PayPal, so you need an account there if you want paid. If that sounds fun, go to the forum’s Event Submissions section, read up on the writer’s guide, and get writing.

I want to get at least 10 good scenes ready to code by year’s end, elsewise we’ll probably just axe the tailpussy part of the manticore TF. No sweat off our backs, really, but I know there’s a few folks playing manticores out there that would be very sad.

Please don’t comment variations of “pls no cut tail anyway, I don’t care if it has support!” I care about having literally unusable TFs in the game. It’s the same reason we cut centaurs, and they have at least some support in every game. Tailpussies have literally none in CoC2 right now, and there’s no indication that’s going to change. So I leave it in your hands — if you have any writing talent and want to see manticores keep their iconic tailpussies (or just want some easy cash), Event Submissions are right over here. The thread to post submission in is here. Just read the Writer’s Guide first. Using parsers is nice but we can help you with that. Any submissions in 1st or 3rd person or in past tense will be rejected out of hand, as will any scenes not in a Google Document I can comment on.

Art of my manticore girl, Arianthe, teabagging Fentaur. He don’t mind none.