Celebrate Monstergirls - AdjYeah, that’s right.

Some of you have been waiting for it. Some of you don’t care. Some of you want me to shut up. Doesn’t matter. This week, Fenoxo and myself are gonna throw all our write-energy at finally finishing off CORRUPTION OF CHAMPIONS. Maybe we’ll actually get to the end this week, maybe we won’t. But we’re damned sure gonna try. Personally, I think I’m gonna end up spending most of the time cranking out Lethice’s victory scenes. Maybe a bad end or two, maybe help with the epilogues or whatever follows.

Keep in mind this is not “When u write more [waifu here].” This is not “add more/new features” week. 100% Dungeon 3, 100% of the time until our eyes bleed.

I’m gonna be in #FenChat pretty much every waking hour until we’re done. Swing by, hang out, give us some moral support. We’ll probably need it.

(Oh, and sate your hype with more of the awesome CoC&D game Adjatha’s been running for us. #ShamelessSelfPlug. CoC monstergrill pregophile art also by Adjatha!)