I wrote about 3,000 words of texts for “slutshrooms” – an item that will appear as a rare drop on Tarkus and that Azra will provide a renewable source of. They’re pretty much exclusively there to make lady-parts wetter, increase libido, and increase the amount squirted by squirters (which is pretty much a new thing). Most older scenes probably won’t include extra stuff for girls cumming gallons, but future things could! Woo.

There’s two items left and a few scenes I’m waiting for from Nonesuch, but I might start work coding what’s been done tomorrow. There’s a lot to do with this one, and I’d like to get the quest out by the weekend if possible, even if some of the rewards have to be placeholder for a bit.

Have a lovely evening. I’m going to play some destiny.

P.S. I also edited 30-40ish pages of a submission. Next up on the review docket is an 80 page expansion for the SubTuner, which I’ll probably just slip into coding whenever I need a break from Azra.

P.P.S.Β I wrote some docking stuff for Azra too, whynot. I needed something for hyper dicks to do. It isn’t done though. Got a lot more to go!