So some of Emmy’s stuff involves her distending her own belly with :things: which means I’m doing some work to allow for proper modification of belly size via certain fluids. Which also means retooling the status effect stuff to work with all NPCs, not just the PC. Not sure if I can get her done tonight, but I’m gonna try.

Update: Going to bed. Got a lot done, but realized there’s a couple things I still need to write:

  • Texts for walking up midway through her toy massage-teasing her.
  • Talk scene for additional implant discussion
  • Lewd up her old sex scenes to reflect her lewder outlook
  • Lewd up and adjust the old talk scenes
  • (Not gonna happen till next week or Thursday): A sex scene variant for those who are too big. In the interim, they’ll get the “it fits” scene.

Here’s a small taste of what’s to come. Good thing Emmy’s herm harness comes with a remote control app!