adjatha_kiro_stephStage 4 goo transformation is partly complete – that means a full-body gelatinification, and the ability to adjust the size and number of your boobs. Also how many nipples they have. I could probably call it done there, but there’s a lot of stuff I’m going to polish off before I push out a patch tomorrow night.

I also limited biomass storage at certain stages. You can only hold 1.5 liters at stage three, but 10,000 at stage four.

Still remaining to do:

  • Modifying nipple width/length.
  • Changing nipple type to allow for lipples, nipplecunts, and the like.
  • Maybe dicknipples. This one might not happen, particularly if I want to allow you to set their type or bonus length (Presently they default to 3x normal nipple length).
  • The fifth stage transformation that turns your legs into a rolling mound of goo and store an infinite amount of biomass.
  • Gooify any penises or vaginas added to existing goo-crotches.
  • Maybe allow adjustment of height and thickness at stage 5.

I’ll knock out as many as I can in time for a patch, and I’ll see you fine gentlefolks on the flip-side.

Kiro and Steph Irson by the always lovely Adjatha.