Alder here with a new Fall of Eden update.goat

NOTE: There’s been some restructuring of the files in the online version of the game. You may need to do a full reload of the page (CTRL+SHIFT+R in chrome) in order to play.

Play it here.
There is an offline version available here.
Check out the Fall of Eden forum.
Fall of Eden source code can be found on Github.
Check out the Android port here:Β link.
Report bugs on GithubΒ or on the forums.
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Full changelog after the break.

UPDATE:Β Android version updated to newest.

Version 0.4s

  • Added a missing Terry-mpreg-pc trigger for his Worship -> Anal catch scene
  • Made an adjustment to the run formula, which should work as intended now
  • Meditation scenes added for the player, allowing you to drain lust
  • Added the elementalist job (learned from Jeanne)
  • A bunch of web-programming issues were looked at by someone with far more experience than me. Thanks VioletVolatile!
    • Some GUI issues were adressed
    • There’s a new build system, based on Node.js and Gulp. This won’t affect 99% of players
    • Save compression is now used for the “online” saves (localStorage), significantly reducing the size of saves. This will not affect save editing, since the SaveToFile and SaveToText functionality are unchanged
  • Fuckton of typos fixed
  • Maria got some new talk topics, and ranger training. Written by The Observer
  • A new combat encounter added to the Highlands. Written by The Observer
  • A group combat encounter added to the Highlands, with all the new “scouts” enemies. Written by The Observer. Only has loss scenes written for the moment, no win scenes. One of the loss scenes requires you to be a female/herm cat
  • Fixed a pregnancy bug that’d make butt-pregs behave really weird. Pregnancy stage messages should work as intended now