Before I get into the aforementioned title, quick TiTS update: The Love Starz got approved, and I’m 100 pages through Slab Bulkhead’s bar for Dhaal: The Crash Landing. Gedan’s been a busy dragon, working on porting items and NPC character data for the JS conversion and reports being roughly halfway through the transformation items.

Now those who are long time members of the community know that forever ago we got together to stream D&D for an extremely long time on twitch (uninterrupted!) to help raise money for a transgender community member by the name of Sinarra, to afford her up-top surgery. We didn’t quite make it to the goal but did provide her with a solid start on the way to true boobaliciousness. Later on we did a second fundraiser, and this time we smashed past the goal. Sleep exhaustion was defeated. Breasts were funded. We slept as happily and deeply.

An interesting footnote is that in the span between the first and second fundraiser, I became romantically entangled with Sinarra, and years after, I wound up proposing to her and taking her as my wife. Crazy how life goes sometimes. Now the time has come to help out another friend (and just friend this time!), Jojocite. I’ve known her nearly as long – long enough that she used to play Team Fortress 2 back with us from time to time years and years and years ago. Long enough to marvel at the metamorphosis she’s already going through.

I’m happy to report that I’ll be GMing a game Saturday morning to help during the fundraiser, and offering a TiTS/CoC2 (if they’ll take it) scene commission to whoever donates the most during my block. I’m also going to be playing in Adjatha’s game and Alkahest’s as well. If you’d like to come laugh at my terrible in-person roleplay and comically incompetent characters, please do. You won’t have to do anything but watch, but donations will be welcomed.

And Jojo isn’t just some random pleb off the street. She’s a talented artist in her own right whose works are helping to greatly shape Dhaal going forward: