A couple of new ‘nukis have appeared in the Frostwood (or Evergreen’s manor), and some continued mechanical refinement has occurred!

0.2.18 Patch Notes:

  • New Enemy: The Tanuki Witch! One of Evergreen’s knotty daughters wants a piece of you — maybe a little more literally than you’d like! (By TheObserver)
  • New NPC: Senja, one of Evergreen’s loyal and devoted daughters, wants to sell you TFs. Several items were moved from Kavi to her shop.
  • You can now view your accumulated Perks through the character sheet tab of the journal.
  • You can now view character sheets in combat, for friend and foe alike. Using Sense on enemies will reveal more details on their sheets!
  • Brint has received some buffs to help him hit more in combat.
  • New Busts: Shar, Anna, and Azyrran.

Art of Azyrran, the Hive Knight, by Moira.

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