I woke up this morning to discover that last patch had a pretty major, major bug floating in it that could render saves unable to load. I’ve rushed out this patch that should prevent the issue from occurring again, but my development PC is in the bedroom with my sleeping wife, I can’t go as in-depth to verify this solution as I’d like.

0.7.256 Changelog:

  • Saving the game should no longer render that save unloadable.
  • If you pay off the rats, they won’t bother you for 4 days instead of 4 hours.

lighterfluid:if and only if you have time, please add in the post that I’m very very sorry

Don’t sweat it too much, bro! I’ve introduced worse bugs!

P.S. I forgot to give GothPastel’s patreon link in the last post, so I’m editing it in and tagging it on this post too.