0.5.8 Patch Notes:

  • You can now knock up either Miko or Mai — you can’t do both on a single playthrough, since one of the sisters needs to be responsible! This comes with a ton of new scenes for Mai and revisions to all her old scenes to accommodate her pregnancy. (by Tobs)
  • Brint and Brienne got a gym expansion: you can work out with them, or “work out” with them. If they haven’t cleared the gym’s field yet, remember that they will after it’s been 3 days since you first visited it and you wake up in Hawkethorne. (by Wsan)
  • Matiha’s tower is now accessible from the Ways Between after the dungeon.
  • New preggo Mai busts, and Klem’s harem bust, by Moira
  • New Mai CG by Moira as well.
  • New Berwyn/Mathia CGs if they’re fuckbuddies together at the tower, by AnonArts.

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P.S. If you’ve already done Miko’s path but want to see Mai’s without starting a whole new save, you can hit F12 and slam this into the console:

flags.MAIDENS_PREG_PATH = flags.MAIDENS_PREG_TS = flags.MIKO_PREG_REQ = flags.MIKO_PREG_NUM_KIDS = flags.MIKO_PREG_NUM_BIRTHS = flags.MIKO_PREG_ANN = undefined; PregManager.preg(GLOBALS.PREG_MIKO).debugEndPregnancy();

and you’ll reset Miko to being unbred. Please breed foxes responsibly!