Alright guys after much labor from all our coders, artists, and writers, we’re ready to launch the first big plot-critical dungeon: the Palace of Ice, located in the heart of the Winter City. It’s a solid novel’s worth of content, though you’re not likely to see all of it in one pass-through! The way you’ve interacted with Kasyrra so far will be hugely impactful on how the dungeon plays out — and there’s plenty of feedback from Etheryn, depending on how you’ve built her up or torn her down. This dungeon’s balanced for Level 5 characters, and you’ll definitely want to make sure Etheryn has been leveled up to 5, too, even if she’s not normally on your team!

UPDATE: Hotfix is now live with a bunch of bugfixes, including the Etheryn post-dungeon talks freezing the game.

0.3.0 Patch Notes:

  • You can now enter the Winter City, located in the north of the Frostwood. Within the city is the first plot-critical dungeon, the Palace of Ice. Enjoy!
  • Stun Immunity now extends to Knockdown.
  • New busts: everyone and everything in the Winter City.

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Bust of Gytha, the first boss, by Sunna. Sunna is also making his own game called Elfheim. Check it out!

There’s a little more mayternity coming after this, and then we’re back to your regularly scheduled smuttery.