I’m pretty dead to the world between muh birthday and Fire Emblem: Three Hopes coming out (which I have been enjoying a great deal), but luckily Drake and Leek are still around to crank out patches and then catch me at 11 PM to put them out.

By the way! SavCo has a new Discord server up to try and cut back on some of the congestion in Fen’s server (which has like 12,000 members now). It’s open to everyone now rather than just backer friends, so come and hop on if you want to share your experiences or ask questions about the game!

0.5.4 Patch Notes:

  • Several new sex scenes are available for your lush and sweet maids at the Wayfort (courtesy of Skow)
  • There are a pair of new marefolk stylists in the encampment which serve much the same function as the Hawkethorne pair, but with their own set of scenes~ (by QuestyRobo)

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