Before we get into today’s patch notes, I’d just like to take a moment to announce that (after much nitpicking from Valve): CoC2’s Steam release now has emotes, wallpapers, trading cards, badges, all that jazz! If you’ve ever wanted to plaster a picture of a demonic dickgirl or a muscle bimbo on everyone’s favorite game launcher, now’s your chance!

There’s also a bunch of cute new stickers on our Discord server to go along with them.

0.4.8 Patch Notes:

  • You can now ask Ryn to sleep with you at night. I comm’d the excellent Alypia for this and she delivered like a whole novel’s worth of elfu snuggles 😀 (Also, coded by Squishy!)
  • After defeating the Undermountain kobolds a few times (or with a little help from your friend Lyric), you can now be invited to the court of the Kobold Queen. (Written by Gardeford!)
  • New Bust: Kobold Queen.

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