It really wouldn’t be a savin game if some salamanders didn’t show up somewhere, so… let’s finally add some salamanders to CoC2!

Speaking of adding things, though, I’d like to give a shoutout to SomeKindofWizard and Moira who’re joining the team (writer, and artist) this month, and Balak who came aboard a little bit ago. It’s thanks to you guys who’re donating to the Patreon that I can hire more cool people to come work with us!

0.2.13 Patch Notes:

  • A new event has been added in the eastern Old Forest, gated behind a tough high-level fight against a frost giant. As part of this event, you can engage in a new conversation battle and/or learn a couple of new powers… and from those powers comes the opportunity to learn a bunch of other new powers. Experiment and see what you can learn! (Event by me, conversation battle by Tobs. There’ll be future developments if you do the optional conversation encounter.)
  • Several new Brint & Brienne scenes, courtesy of Wsan and community member Florgenstow

Also hey, Alder made a post about Fall of Eden below! Check that out! :O

Brienne’s bust, by Moira. Big amoozons are my jam.

And now I return to the Furry Futa Femdom mines so we can open the next zone up. Before that gets added, though: more Pupperidge and a new Marefolk coming soon!