One last hurrah for the breeding month before we get back to our regularly scheduled programming~

0.4.47 Patch Notes:

  • Zo can now be knocked up. She’ll approach you about it if you have a virile cock ~4 days after giving you the silver mask, and at least 4 days since you first fucked her. You can get a crib and hang out with her and the kid. (Written by B!)
  • You can get Zo a better house (does not require knocking her up).
  • Arona has a bevy of additional content supporting her pregnancy and relationship.
  • Arona also has a new event with her in the Khor’minos bath house that expands on her relationship a bit.
  • New bust: Klemaia. (Given how this bust turned out and her elf fetishism, I’m starting to think she and Hashat might be related!)

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