This month’s got some very thicc ladies we’re working on getting ready to be bred, but we’re also going through and touching up some existing pregnancies or adding more content to existing baby-mommas. Starting this patch with Vitra, the salamander dickgirl, who’s getting some new scenes for her romantic partners.

0.6.5 Patch Notes:

  • Vitra the ‘Mander Bartender has received several new sex scenes focused on femPCs — her baby momma needs some special attention. Or maybe Vitra needs some special attention from a very milky PC. Either/or!
  • If you bring Viv to Vitra’s bar, the witch can offer to teach the mander some magic. This unlocks a new sex scene between Vitra and the PC where she puts what she learned to use!
  • Prince Nyze has a new victory sex scene! (By BerrySicky)
  • The High Ground quest now has additional support for if the PC, Liaden, and Azzy are all romantic. (By Alypia)

Next patch should see you moving Zhara and your brood of harpy-lings to the Wayfort. Later on (in no particular order): expansions to Atani’s pregnancy, new interactions with Aileh’s kiddo, and two or three quite chunky brand new additions to the maternity roster~

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