I hope you like giant horsewangs cuz it’s horsewang time. Also time for getting ripped in the gym, or getting ridden by big mature orc mommies.

0.2.5 Patch Notes:

  • New Enemy in Havest Valley: Marefolk males, aka Crazy Horses. While male marefolk are normally lustful brutes, the local corruption has only made them bigger and hungrier… (By Questy)
  • New sometimes-guest at the Frost Hound: Lusamine, the wyld elven gossip-monger. (By Bubble)
  • New location in Hawkethorne: the gym! Written by Wsan, and coded by new friend Coolmn!
  • Hretha can be approached again at the orc camp. If you didn’t have sex with Infrith, anyway.
  • Brint has new scenes for trap PCs. (By Wsan)
  • New TF: Mothfolk
  • New Codex: Slimes, Sheepfolk

Lusamine herself, by RattlePool.

You can get access to this and other backer patches here!